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        Bernabe Elementary School is named after Patricio Bernabe who was a special agent of the Katipunan and to the street where it is located now. It is only 50-meters away from Taft Avenue with an area of 633.42sq.meters. East of it is Tripa de Gallina, west of it is Taft Avenue, south is Gil Puyat Avenue and north is San Isidro Church.

        In 1958, Bernabe Elementary School was an annex school of Rafael Palma Elementary School. The principal then was Miss Candida Dawis, followed by Mrs. Priscilla Uyengco and then Mr. Domingo Luna. Pasay then was a division itself and not a part of the Integrated Municipalities.

        In the early 60’s, the school was composed of a main building and an annex building owned by a certain Mrs. Rosarion Africa. The annex was a two-storey-eight room building with an area of 249.11 sq.m. at Tramo Street, Pasay City. This building was only rented by the government.

        In 1980, Mrs. Petronilla G. de Borja was assigned as principal of the school. She was succeeded by Ms. Delia Salazar in 1983 and was able to request a two-storey building with toilets and is now a part of the U-shaped building of the school.

        Miss Delia Salazar was the principal on the year 1983-12985. This was followed by Miss Natividad Ferrer, 1985-1986; Mrs. Socorro Rivera; 1986-1987 and Mrs. Erlinda Miranda, 1986-1987.

        It was in the year 1987-1992 when Mrs. Constancia G. Mitra was designated as principal of the school. In her time the school offered a complete elementary with Kindergarden classes. There were seven academic classes, a H.E. room, a guidance room, a library, a clinic, a storeroom and a canteen.

        Mrs. Lilia V. Labaco became the principal of the school on the year 1991-1995. This was followed by Mrs. Yolanda B. Javier in mid-1995. After the term of Mrs. Javier, Mrs. Aida Rumbaoa took place for one year. Then this was followed by Mrs. Leticia Tamondong. On the year 2003-2004, Mrs. Marietta P. Flores, the District Supervisor of the North District became the OIC of the school and in the year 2004, Mrs. Marina M. Magbago was assigned as OIC-principal of BES.

        It was in the year 2005 when Mr. Severo A. Bajado was designated as OIC-Principal of the school. He served as the school head for four years and was promoted as District Supervisor. On June, 2009 Mrs. Evelyn V. Deliarte became the new Officer-in-charge but was replaced by Mr. Tirso V. Gali on July 3, 2009 because of the latter’s assignment to other school.

        It was during Mr. Gali’s term as BES school head, the e-laboratory was constructed. Construction of the stage was also done.

        BES pupils involvement co-curricular and extra curricular activities were maximized as they joined the district, division, regional and national level competitions and maintained the achievement and performance of the school at its best.

        All over the years BES under its newly OIC-Principal MR. NUNILON L. MORENO is committed towards making a difference in sustaining quality education by developing youth to become professionals, entrepreneurial and socially responsible leaders and managers in the future. More than ever, BES management and teaching staff zealously work and focus all efforts in molding the younger generation towards educational excellence so as to attain the desired educational goals and thrusts.

        It continually pursues the constitutional mandate of ensuring people’s right to educate, to wit. “The state shall promote the right of all citizens to quality education at all levels and shall take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.” Furthermore, it is guided by the vision and mission statement as set forth by the Department of Education, Pasay City in pursuant of excellence.