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          Through the years, Bernabe Elementary School is committed towards making a difference in sustaining quality education by developing youth to    become professionals, and   socially responsible leaders and managers in the future. More than ever, BES management and teaching staff zealously work and focus all efforts in molding the younger generation towards educational excellence so as to attain the desired educational goals and thrusts. We share common commitment to our school mission and to advancing the success of our school children and teachers. Together, we create an environment of collaboration and support that  nurtures and inspires every BES learner.

          Bernabe Elementary School was named after Patricio Bernabe who was a special agent of the Katipunan and to the street where it is located now. It is only 50-meters away from Taft Avenue with an area of  633. 42 sq. meters. On its Eastern part is the Tripa de Gallena, and on western part  is Taft Avenue. On the south is Gil Puyat Avenue and north is San Isidro Church.

          In 1954 – 1958, Bernabe Elementary School was an annex school of Rafael Palma Elementary School. The school principal then was Miss Candida Dawis, followed by Mrs. Priscilla Uyengco  in 1960- 1967  and then by Mr. Domingo Luna from 1967 – 1970. Pasay then was a division itself and not a part of the Integrated Municipalities.

          In the early 60’s, the school was composed of a main building and an annex building owned by a certain Mrs. Rosarion Africa. The annex was a two-storey- eight room  building with an area of  249.11 square meters at Tramo Street, Pasay City. This building was only rented by the government.

          In 1980, Mrs. Petronila G. De Borja was assigned as school principal of BES. She was succeeded by Ms. Delia Salazar in 1983 and was able to request a two-storey building with toilets which have been part of the U-shaped building of the school. 

          Miss Delia Salazar was the school principal in 1983 – 1985 followed by Miss Natividad Ferrer, 1985 – 1986; Mrs. Socorro Rivera handled BES as school principal in the early quarters of SY 1986 – 1987 and Mrs. Erlinda Miranda in the remaining quarters of that School Year.

         It was in the year  1987 – 1992 when Mrs. Constancia G. Mitra was designated as principal of the school. It was during her leadership that the school offered a complete elementary with kindergarten classes. There  were  seven academic classes, with H.E. room, guidance room, library, clinic , storeroom and a canteen.

          Mrs. Lilia V. Labaco became the school principal in 1991 to 1995. This was followed by Mrs. Yolanda B. Javier in mid 1995. During the time of Mrs. Javier, SPED classes were organized through her effort. With the significant increase in enrolment, SPED classes were transferred to its new center at P. Villanueva Street, Pasay City for better accommodation.

          After the term of Mrs. Javier, Mrs. Aida M. Rumbaoa took place for one year. She was succeeded by Mrs. Leticia Tamondong until her retirement in September, 2003. In the year 2003-2004, Mrs. Marietta P. Flores, the District Supervisor of the North District became the OIC of the school for one year. In 2004, Mrs. Marina M. Magbago was assigned as OIC-principal of BES until 2005.

          It was in the year 2005 when Mr. Severo A. Bajado was designated as OIC-Principal  of   the   school.   He   served as the school principal for four years until he  was promoted as District Supervisor. On June 2009, Mrs. Evelyn D. Deliarte became the new Officer-in-Charge but was replaced by Mr. Tirso V. Gali on July 3, 2009 until May 4, 2011 because of the latter’s assignment to other school.

          During Mr. Gali’s term as school principal, the E-Laboratory was constructed with sixteen computers which was funded by the Special         Education Fund. Computer classes were organized from grades one to six pupils. Computer literacy was also conducted to all teachers to improve their teaching competencies through the use of computers. Construction of the uncovered stage was also done.     

          In 2011, Mr. Nunilon L. Moreno was designated as school principal. During his leadership, there were various linkages from the NGO’s. The School Library, School Clinic, Guidance Office, Kindergarten room were  renovated and air conditioning units were installed  to make it   functional and conducive for pupils. The Rotary Club of Pasay,  with the help of Dr. Bibly Macaya,  financed all major  renovation and also donated 4  sewing  machines to the E.P.P. room. All  comfort rooms were renovated as well.

          In 2014, Mrs. Lea M. Marcelo became the new school principal after Mr. Moreno. It was just a short but memorable stay due to numerous victories of Bernaberians when it comes to district and division contests. School research for teachers was intensified as well as the continued partnership with the external stakeholders for the benefit of Bernabe Elementary School.

          Mrs. Maybelle C. Salanio was the school principal of the school in 2015-2017. It was during her time when BES won the Most Functional Library/LRMDS in the division. The renovation of the school stage and the existing comfort rooms of the school was made during her time. The school also won  several contests during Mrs. Maybelle C. Salanio’s time. The school also received a recognition as Third Placer for the 2016 Brigada   Eskwela Best Implementer (Small School Category).

           Dr.  Felina P. Patagan was the school Principal of BES from May 2017-October 2019. After few months under Dr. Felina Patagan’s leadership, many changes had been made in both academic instruction and physical aspect of the school. An environment of collaboration and strong partnership with the parents and its stakeholders was set. This collaboration brought so many changes in school in terms of improvements. Teachers were geared toward excellence in every endeavors. Since one of the flagships/projects of the Local Government Unit of Pasay City  is to improve and construct school building, the LGU advised us to transfer temporarily to Rafael Palma Elementary School in June 2018 while they are constructing the new school building. BES occupies the afternoon session from Monday to Friday and single session class for the Saturday’s Alternative Learning System (ALS).

          At present, Bernabe Elementary School is under the leadership of Mr. Leonardo G. Balaguer. Prior to his present designation as the school principal, he was an experienced leader and educator for nearly 30 years in the Schools Division of Taguig-Pateros. It is a very challenging opportunity for him knowing that BES shared school facilities with Rafael Palma Elementary School and the battle with the challenges of the new normal education and at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Very rewarding at the same time because during his term and despite the challenges, BES received numerous awards and citations; one of Brigada Eskwela Best Implementers, Best School Website Creator, Best Program Implementer to name a few. The bar was also raised when it comes to learners and teachers development and progress through the different programs that were introduced during his term.

           It was on August 6, 2021 when BES officially came back into the newly constructed building. The school community thru the internal and external stakeholders worked hand in hand to improve the school facilities. The Project PEBES or “Pataasin ang Enrolment sa Bernabe Elementary School was introduced to ensure that every school-age children in the catchment areas should go to school as well as the Project BES sa BES or “Beautification Efforts of Stakeholders sa Bernabe Elementary School” for the school’s beautification.

          Indeed, education plays a vital role in the formation of every well-being. Bernabe Elementary School even being the smallest public elementary school in the Schools Division of Pasay City,  continuously commit in giving quality education and transforming the DepEd’s vision and mission into reality.